Participant regulations Rainbow Ride


  1. Organisation: The event is organized by Aidsfonds.
  2. Objective: raise funds for Aidsfonds projects. Aidsfonds is there for everyone who has to deal with HIV and AIDS. In the Netherlands and worldwide. To end AIDS, we work together with local communities, invest in scientific research and ensure that AIDS remains high on the global agenda. Together we stop AIDS. For the love of all loves.
  3. Event: Rainbow Ride is a cycling event organized by Aidsfonds and will take place on Saturday, June 15, 2024. The Event is not a competition, but a fundraising Event.
  4. Participant: This is any person who in any way, directly or indirectly, enters into an agreement with the Organization for his participation in the Event.
  5. Registration fee: The amount charged by the Organization to participate in the Event.
  6. Target amount: We ask Participants to raise money for their participation. We ask the Participant to raise an amount of 250 euros in sponsorship money. The Participant may also participate if the target amount has not been achieved.


  1. The conditions as described in these regulations apply to participation in all events (whether or not organized through an intermediary) in which the organization is involved as a direct or indirect party.
  2. By registering, the Participant unconditionally agrees to the contents of these regulations.
  3. Deviations from these conditions are only binding if and insofar as the Organization has expressly agreed to this in writing.
  4. The Organization expressly rejects the general terms and conditions declared applicable by Participants.

Participation and registration

  1. Registration takes place exclusively in the manner and under the conditions specified in these regulations.
  2. Rainbow Ride is a fundraising event. This means that the Participant raises funds online through sponsorship income. All funds, excluding the transaction costs charged, that the Participant raises in the context of Rainbow Ride will benefit Aidsfonds and its contribution to projects aimed at preventing, treating and curing HIV and AIDS.
  3. Registration is done via and with the fully completed registration form.
  4. Participation in the Event is only possible if the Registration Fee has been paid.
  5. Registration for the Event is personal. The starting ticket is not transferable.
  6. Children between the ages of 0 and 18 may only participate if they are accompanied by an adult on the route.
  7. Participants can participate as a (company) team or as an individual participant.
  8. The Participant declares that he is in sufficient condition to participate in the Event.

Rules of the game

  1. Participants respect each other, the environment on the route and comply with the regulations.
  2. The local (traffic) rules and traffic signs remain in full force during the route. Participants are required to wear a helmet during the route.
  3. Participants are obliged to follow all instructions of the Organization.
  4. Participants ensure their own safety and the safety of others.
  5. Participants are responsible for making the decision to terminate their participation during the Event.
  6. Playing portable radio equipment, etc. in a nuisance manner is prohibited.
  7. Participants are advised not to use headphones during participation.
  8. During the Event, Participants are prohibited in any way from having objects available that could reasonably pose a danger or cause a serious degree of nuisance to other Participants.
  9. Participants may not behave or dress in an offensive or dangerous manner.
  10. Participants are not allowed to throw away waste on and around the route.
  11. The provided starting ticket must be able to be shown during the Event.

The route

  1. The route is not exclusively accessible to the Participants of the Event. Participants must therefore take other traffic into account.
  2. The route is not run on a closed course. It takes place on public roads without traffic controllers.
  3. Participants must inform the Organization if they are unexpectedly lost via an Organization telephone number. This number will be communicated to all participants in due course.
  4. Participants cannot hold the Organization liable for the fact that they have become lost.
  5. The Organization may decide to adjust the route, shorten it or cancel the tour entirely if the (safety) situation makes this necessary, in the opinion of the Organization.
  6. The Organization also reserves the right to change start and/or finish times and/or places.
  7. Participants or any interested parties cannot claim compensation or reimbursement of the Registration Fee and sponsorship money in the event of a decision by the Organization as referred to in the previous two paragraphs of this article.


  1. Participants participate voluntarily in the Event.
  2. Participants are responsible for adequate preparation and sufficient physical condition to participate in the Event.
  3. The Organization is not liable for physical injuries sustained during the Event due to insufficient preparation of the Participant or the physical health of the Participant.


  1. Participants must carry a (copy of a) valid ID with them during the Event.
  2. In the event of problems with the equipment, including all wheelchairs, the Participants are responsible for the functioning of the equipment and in the event of failure or defects in the equipment, they are responsible for an alternative.
  3. Participants are responsible for their own clothing, helmet, equipment and footwear for any type of weather.
  4. Participants are responsible for locking their bicycles where necessary. And participants with electric bicycles are responsible for a charged bicycle and, if necessary, taking charged batteries with you.
  5. Participants must ensure that they have a mobile phone with the Organization number during the Event. This telephone number will be shared with all participants in a timely manner.

Medical care

  1. The Event Organization provides a first aid post at the start and finish location. This includes providing so-called first aid or emergency interventions.
  2. A Participant may never be left alone on the route. If someone cannot continue due to injuries or exhaustion, for example, a fellow participant is obliged to seek help from the first aid post and stay with the victim. The victim may not be moved without permission from emergency services if serious injuries are involved.

Cancellation and modification

  1. If a Participant decides, for whatever reason, to no longer participate in the event, a refund of the Registration Fee and any other costs incurred is not possible.
  2. The Organizer reserves the right to change starting times and/or location or to cancel Rainbow Ride in whole or in part due to but not limited to extreme weather conditions and/or other calamities and/or force majeure or to shorten the length of Rainbow Ride .
  3. Under no circumstances can the Participant claim any compensation from the Organizer for costs incurred or damage suffered in connection with a decision as described in this article. The registration fee and any funds raised will not be refunded.

Liability and Indemnification Organization

  1. Participation is entirely at your own expense and risk.
  2. The Organization is only liable for damage suffered by a Participant if this is the direct and exclusive result of intent or gross negligence on the part of the Organization, on the understanding that only damage is eligible for compensation for which the Organization is insured and insofar as this damage covered by that insurance.
  3. The liability of the Organization is in any case (but not limited to) excluded for:
    1. Damage resulting from the actions of third parties, including third parties engaged by the Organization such as suppliers, emergency services, tenants/leaseholders of parts of the route and the persons engaged by these third parties;
    2. Damage resulting from the Participant's failure to follow instructions given by officials engaged by the Organization and from failure to comply with general standards of public order, the rules of the game, safety and decency;
    3. Damage resulting from loss, damage or theft of goods belonging to the Participant and brought to the Event;
    4. (Consequential) damage as a result of changes in the start and finish times of the Event;
    5. Damage caused in any way by other Participants of the Event;
    6. Damage directly or indirectly to anyone or anything arising as a result of any defect or any quality or circumstance to, in or on any movable or immovable property of which the Organization is the owner, (lease) tenant, tenant or holder or otherwise available to the Organization stands;
    7. Consequential damage and indirect (business) damage on the part of a Participant.

Right to deny participation

  1. A Participant may be disqualified from participating in the Event if:
    1. Participation in the Event is without (a correct) starting ticket;
    2. The Participant, in the opinion of the Organization, violates the rules of the game;
    3. The Participant, in the opinion of the Organization, exhibits inappropriate behavior;
    4. The Participant, in the opinion of the Organization, violates (traffic) rules;
  2. The Participant or any interested party cannot claim compensation or reimbursement of the Registration Fee and sponsorship money in the event of a decision by the Organization as referred to in the previous paragraph of this article.


  1. Participants agree to any use of his likeness in printed matter, on the internet, photo, film, video, etc. for promotional purposes of the Event or other Events organized by Aidsfonds without claiming compensation for this.
  2. The Organization can use these recordings in subsequent years to promote the event. If a Participant objects to this, he or she must indicate this before the start of the Event.

Information provision

  1. All Participants are provided with information through e-mails, post, Social Media and telephone contact.
  2. Participants are responsible for receiving this information (using the correct email address, reading the newsletters, attending meetings, etc.).

Corporate identity

  1. Participants may use the corporate identity (logo, advertisements, basic text, etc.) of the Event for promotion and sponsorship acquisition. It is not permitted to use the corporate identity for purposes other than sponsor acquisition, nor to make adjustments or changes. If in doubt, Participants should contact the Organization.

Applicable law

  1. Only Dutch law applies to the relationship between the Participants and the Organization.
  2. Disputes will only be submitted to a competent court in the Netherlands, regardless of where the Event is held.

Not provided

In cases not provided for in these regulations, the Organization will decide.


Rainbow Ride - Aidsfonds, October 25, 2023