Wendelien Daan

I cycle for equality and care for everyone!

How would you feel if you had to wait for life-saving medicine? For yourself, your child or your loved one. Worldwide, 9 million people with HIV are waiting for life-saving medicines. Medicines that are available, but which they do not receive! Excluded from care because of who they are, how they live or who they love. Incomprehensible!
That's why I'm cycling the Rainbow Ride on June 15 and joining the Aidsfonds in their fight for equality and care for everyone.

This is my first 100 KM ride, since I have only started training in September 2023. Although I love sports since I was born, cycling was only a way of transportation for me, not a sport. My husband made me see that it can be fun too and it also gives your physical and mental condition a great boost. I have been a sporty person all my life so I run (Marathon NY, Egmond, 7 heuvelenloop, Dam tot Dam etc), ski, scubadive, HIT training, yoga and SUP,  but cycling is my new discovery, outside as well as virtual on my bike indoors on SWIFT. 



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