About Aidsfonds

How would you feel if you had to wait for lifesaving treatment? For yourself, your child, or your loved one? Medication that is there, but that you are simply not getting. This is the daily reality for 9.2 million people across the world. More than 25 years after the discovery of the combination therapy, they are still waiting for their treatment.

Aidsfonds is there for everyone who is affected by HIV and AIDS. In the Netherlands and abroad. Regardless of who you love, where you live, what colour your skin is or who you are. Because we believe that everyone has the right to healthcare.

To end AIDS we work with local communities, we invest in scientific research and we ensure that AIDS will remain high on the political agenda. 

For all that is love

Join the Rainbow Ride

Do you also believe that all loves deserve to be protected from HIV and AIDS? Do you want to contribute to an AIDS-free world in an active, fun and inspiring way? Jump on your bicycle and join the Rainbow Ride. Don't forget to ask your friends to join as well or to sponsor you. The more participants and donations, the more we can accellerate the AIDS response. AIDS can be solved, so what are we waiting for?


Yes, I will join


How will the proceeds be spent?

With the proceeds of the Rainbow Ride we will invest in the following activities:

  • We provide the hardest hit communities, including children, women and lgbtiq+ with access to HIV-tests and treatment;
  • We ensure that everybody has access to good sexual health education and HIV prevention;
  • We lobby against laws that hinder access to treatment for people living with HIV;
  • We support top scientists in their HIV cure research.

Questions about the Rainbow Ride

Do you have questions about the cycling event? We have prepared a page with all frequently asked questions and have already answered them. Is your question not listed or have you not been helped completely yet? Please feel free to contact us by sending an email to info@rainbowride.nl.